Fulbright provides Grants for South African university graduates to pursue a Master’s or Doctoral degree at a United States university in any subject (excludes studies that require contact with patients). Grants are awarded for two years towards one degree – Master’s or Doctorate (renewable each year).
Applications Are Open For 2020-2021 Academic Year And Close On April 19, 2019
Students are selected through a rigorous application and interview process and receive a high level of support ranging from visa processing and health insurance to a comprehensive pre-departure Orientation and re-entry session.


Be a SA citizen (Non-SA citizens are required to apply in their country of citizenship, even if they are resident in SA)
Have a four-year bachelors degree, a three-year bachelors degree plus honors year, or a four-year B-Tech degree when applying for Masters
Have a Master’s degree when applying for a Doctoral degree
For Non-Degree studies: Must be registered for PhD with a South African university

What do we look for in our applicants?

Academic excellence
Required scores for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for each specific field of study

Clearly written study objectives
Demonstrable ambassadorial skills with evidence of cultural sensitivity and a genuine desire to learn more about the United States and share with American citizens aspects of South African culture,
Experience and interest in extracurricular and community activities,
Evidence of ambition and leadership potential, and
A desire to further the Fulbright Program and give back to your home country upon returning.


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