1.      To increase investment and alliance for the company in accordance with company’s development strategies and will be responsible for the development, selection, assessment and elimination of franchise sites;

2.      To guide and supervise the operation and implementation of franchises, train franchises, regularly diagnose and analyze the franchises operation and give rectification opinions.

3.      To coordinate the business connections between the franchise and the transfer center, solve the problems in the process of implementation in time, and improve the satisfaction of the franchise.

4.      To pay close attention to the service quality data of franchisees to improve customer satisfaction;

5.      Makes decisions about financial and investment opportunities on behalf of clients

6.      Meets with an investment team, including analysts and other managers, to stay up-to-date about market situations and company decisions that may impact one another

7.      Develops relationships with clients and expands client network in professional and social settings

8.      Specialize in a particular field or industry to aspire to achieve expert level knowledge

9.      Presents investment opportunities and related analysis while pitching proposed course of action in meetings with clients

10.  Uses complex financial models to project future earning and profit potential and uses this data to inform decisions and proposals

11.  To fulfill other tasks as assigned.

Min Required Experience:

3 year(s)

Min Qualification:

Not Specified

Desired Courses:

Not Specified

Other Requirements:

1.      He/She must have adequate franchise resources at his/her disposal.

2.      Have at least 5-year experience in enhancing investments and alliance in logistics industry.

3.      Able to independently complete regional alliance and divide distribution scope of outlets.

4.      Familiar with logistics system.

5.      Experienced in supply chain enterprise management, supply channel management or franchise management.

6.      Excellent communication and coordination skills;

7.      Attention to Detail, Time Management, Multitasking, Working Under Pressure, Teamwork, Ambition, Leadership.

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